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Compatible with Arduino IDE and PlatformIO


Open Source Firmware


ARM® Cortex®-M0+

What is ZeroKeyUSB


This isn’t uncommon. With so many websites and so many log ins, remembering all your passwords can be impossible. What one website requires may be different from another, and sometimes, these sites even ask for multiple passwords that are just difficult to recall. Your solution is keeping a note on your phone or writing them down on paper. But are these safe and secure? Not at all. They can also be deleted or worse stolen by a hacker, so what is there to do now? With ZeroKeyUSB, convenience and security are covered!


ZeroKeyUSB is the world’s first plug-and-play encryption device that stores all of your accounts securely offline. Unlike smartcards that are susceptible to keylogger stealing the user’s PIN. This PIN is securely entered on the device itself. ZeroKeyUSB has multi-color alerts that turn green if you’ve entered the correct PIN, red if you’ve entered the wrong one, and blue for U2F authentication.


Because your device is PIN protected, you can be sure that your personal data is safely stored. This means that even if hacking occurs or a website is breached, your personal information will not be leaked. This is because ZeroKeyUSB stores your passwords in secure hardware offline and by supporting strong, 2-factor authentication methods.


ZeroKeyUSB supports any website or application with a secure (up to 56 character long) password. It also supports 2-factor authentication. This simply means that you can use this device to log into your computer, your online account, or pretty much anything. No need to remember your passwords, our device will type it in for you. As a result, you get to protect both your credentials and the things you want to access. You get an additional layer of protection and can prevent security breaches.


Improved design

Super small! It fits in the palm of your hand. Smaller than a lighter and it is a whole computer: screen, battery, cpu memory and it is sensitive to touch !!

Open Source Firmware

Include your own code for whatever you need! You can control everything by USB (locks, computers, mobiles, machines ...) Program it just like an Arduino (C ++ or Python) with the Ardunio IDE

Easy to Use

Controlled by gestures, slide from bottom to top to move through the menu, with a long touch write the information by USB, edit everything without the need for a computer.

Tech specs

# Spec Detail Coment
1 MCU (Microcontroller unit) Samd21 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
2 Display Oled 0.96" 128 x 32 pixels
3 Control Touch module Capacitive 1280x768 resolution
4 Battery Lipo 150mAh
5 Storage EEProm memory 256 Kbit
6 Conectivity USB port PCB integred
7 Autonomous Batery status Chargin detection and percentage meeter


# Area Performance Coment
1 Battery 30 Days Up to a month in screen off mode. 7 hours in screen-on mode
2 Memory 64 User accounts Its only 1/5 of the aviable memory
3 Weight 9 grams Capacitive 1280x768 resolution
4 Dimensions 13 x 34 x 10 It cant be smaller!

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